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The ancient lore of India is unique, for many branches, its attempt was to probe the mysteries of life and death. Of its lore, the most amazing has been the science of Jyotisha, Astrology.

The lore is doubtless fascinating. From very early days, I have taken interest in friends and astrologers trying their skill on the planetary chart of the heavens at the moment of my birth, for that is what a horoscope is. I have never closed my mind to the science.

In condemning astrology, we shut our face against a science, with a predetermined vision. If explored with patience, honesty and skill, it might perhaps break through the barrier which separates life from death, the present from the future; it might give an insight into man's endeavour and his ultimate destiny.

Dr. K. M. Munshi


Shri Jivanrao T. Chitnis(Bombay Astrological Society)
Dr. Dinesh K. Dafftary
Shri V.M. Sompura
Vice Principal:
Shri Sharad C. Joshi
Hon. Secretary:
Ms. Urmi. H. Pasad
Shri V.V. Bhaskaran
Shri Yogesh Kamdar
Dr. G.B.Jani
Shri K.N. Rao

  1. Janmabhoomi Panchanga (Annual Publication)
  2. Raphael's Ephemeris (Annual Publication)
  3. Tables of Houses for Northern Latitudes
  4. Practical Astrology (Gujarati) by Dinshaw Homiyar, 6th Edition
  5. A Basic Text Book of Astrology by Mr. G. B. Forbes
  6. An Advanced Text Book of Astrology by Mr. G. B. Forbes
  7. Essays in Astrology by Mr. G. B. Forbes
  8. Medical Astrology by Mr. G. B. Forbes
  9. Primary Direction - Research Thesis by Saroj Dave, Shailesh Jani, Minaxi Thakkar. Research Guide: Sharad C. Joshi
  10. K. P. & Textiles - Research Thesis by Sukdev Purani, Aarati Ghiya, Saroj Dave, Minaxi Gala. Research Guide: Dilip K. Dave, Sharad C. Joshi
  11. Astro Science on Cancer - Research Thesis by Aarati Ashok Ghiya, Sharad C. Joshi
  12. Chartered Accountancy and Financial Study - Research Thesis by Geetarani Kunder. Research Guide: Sharad C. Joshi
  13. Nakshatra Chintan Part I/II by Shri Sharad C. Joshi
  14. K. P. = Nirayana +Sayana by Shri Sharad C. Joshi
  15. Astrological 3D - Kamal P. Vaidya - Research Guide:Shri Sharad C. Joshi
  16. Elements of Astrology by Shri Anthony S. Writer
  17. Elements of Palmistry for Jyotirvid First Year Students by Shri Anthony S. Writer
  18. Advanced Palmistry for Jyotirvid First Year Students by Shri Anthony S. Writer
  19. Research Thesis on Fixed Stars by Anthony S. Writer (Research Guide : Principal J. G. Lad)
  20. Teletherapy Notes of Dr. R. B. Naik by Shri G. B. Forbes (Gujarati) & Mrs. Anshu Goil (English)
  21. All Books & Notes Prepared by Sarvashri J. G. Lad, G. B. Forbes, D. V. Thakur, V. M. Sompura, Saroj S. Dave, Anthony S. Writer & Rajesh Kacha and other Faculty Members of Jyotisha Bharati, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai 400007.
  22. Brihat Jataka by Acharya Varaha Mihira
  23. Jataka Parijata by Pandit Vaidyanatha
  24. Sarvananda Laghava by Shri G. S.Apte (Marathi)
  25. Tajika Nilakanthi by Nilakanthacharya
  26. Paribhramana Paddhati by Y. K. Pradhan
  27. Sayana Ganit by Shri Sharad C. Joshi
  28. Nakshatra Light by Shri Sharad C. Joshi
  29. Nakshatra Jyot by Shri Sharad C. Joshi
  30. Rang Jyotisha by Shri Sharad C. Joshi
  31. Politician's Horoscopes - Research Thesis by Tanny Garg, under Research Guide Shri Sharad C. Joshi
  32. Basic Astronomy by Kunal Vora
  33. Astrology & Human Persona by Chintan R. Mehta
  34. Introduction to planetary returns by Chintan R. Mehta